What happens if life gives you tomatoes?

Well I’m bummed. I was supposed to be going to New Orleans next month on the 19th for a Fall Out Boy concert but now I can’t. I have to be here on the 20th because the kids at my work are going to waving palms in the service that Sunday.

Just for a little clarification for those that may not know, I work at a daycare as an infant teacher. Granted all my kids are now 1 and walking and causing all sorts of mischief, my room is still an “Infant” room. This daycare is also located at a church, hence why I have to be here on a Sunday for work.

So yeah, instead of screaming my lungs out to every FOB song and rocking out, I’ll be home walking kids down a walk way while they wave palm branches…fun…

I’m mostly bummed because I needed this trip. I needed the getaway with friends to be a 20 something year old again. I feel like I’m living my life like a 40 year old right now. I wake up, go to work, stay late at work doing stuff, go home eat supper with my cats, and go to bed by 9. On weekends if I’m feeling crazy I go to the bookstore or craft store or if I’m really bold I go to the movies!! I find myself telling younger people to turn their music down and shaking my head at their crazy antics.

You can probably see now why I needed this weekend. I need to go out and do things with my life. I’m not tied down to anyone so why do I act like I am? I think what I hate most about this is the fact that I finally tried planning something and every time I do it seems like something comes up to where I can’t do it. Maybe I’m not meant to live my life to the fullest.

Anyway, I know this was a random rant post but I’m at work now and it’s nap time and I needed to get this off my chest. I hope everyone else is having a great day.

Make sure to keep an eye to see what happens next in the story of a girl named Liz.


Kinda been failing at this thing….again

Here I was doing so good for like a month and then I gave up on this blog cause I didn’t feel like moving things out of the way of my computer to type. I’m such a lazy bum I know. But I’m here now.

So what’s been going on over the past month? Mostly I’ve been fighting sickness after sickness. First I had a respiratory virus. Thanks to the kids at work for sharing that one with me. Then I had just your basic cold. That one was probably just the virus not wanting to give up. Then on my birthday weekend I got a hardcore case of strep throat. I was seriously out for the count for 4 days and it sucked. I spent my birthday in bed sleeping. I guess I can’t be too mad about that because it was a Monday that I didn’t have to spend at work and was just able to lounge about all day but still. I wanted to do something fun that day.

With all this sickness that also means I wasn’t able to workout for a whole month. I still lost weight though because I wasn’t eating from being sick. I’m now officially down almost 25 pounds. I never thought I’d see the day where I actually lost that much weight. I feel though that if you look at me you wouldn’t be able to tell anything though. Today though I went back to the gym for the first time and I didn’t die!! It was amazing!! My goal is stick with it this time. Hopefully I don’t get sick again and hopefully my wrist doesn’t hold me back.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I have officially been told by a doctor that I have carpel tunnel syndrome? Today I actually went for my nerve test which was weird. Imagine getting lightly shocked over and over and making your hand twitch awkwardly. It was just a really weird feeling and hopefully one I never have to repeat. Then again if I have to go through anything like that with my wrist again it’s probably gonna be a doctor telling me I need surgery cause my wrist is that messed up. I know that’s very glass half empty of me but I’m just trying to be realistic. My year hasn’t exactly been going the way I’ve wanted it to so I’m not feeling very optimistic about anything.

Anyway, I’m trying to plan some stuff for a trip I plan on taking next month. Gotta try to find somewhere awesome to stay down in New Orleans. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know! Otherwise I’m gonna try to do better about blogging. Not that many of you read this but as I’ve said before it’s nice to type it out and maybe someone out there will hold me accountable.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to keep an eye out next time to what else can possibly go wrong in the story of a girl named Liz.

My no good, very bad morning

I usually don’t post on a Sunday morning because I’m usually in church. This morning however I’m sitting in my Sunday School classroom waiting till church is over to teach a class so that I can then leave. It’s been just rough and emotional and I don’t know why.

It started out with the fact I could not sleep last night I literally tossed and turned for 3 hours just trying to get a little shut eye but it never really came. Finally around 1:30 AM I was able to drift for a little while before I had to be back up at 6 to get ready for church. My alarm went off and my head felt like I just got ran over and my sinuses were pissed at me for some stupid reason. Regardless, I got up and started getting ready.

At 7, I walked outside to see my dad scraping off my car which was weird cause I told last night I was going to hangout with Kayla today but not till after all the shopping was done and we got home so I could get my car then. So I ask him what he was doing and he says he thought we were taking 2 cars to church today. I corrected him and continued on to my mom’s car to get in the back seat. I open the door and my mom again asks what I was doing and that she thought we were taking 2 cars. So instead of fighting it at that point, I just shut the door and went to put my crap in my car and then go get my keys.

I come back outside and my mom is driving off and my dad is still standing in the driveway. Yes at this point I was frustrated. It was an inconvenience for me to drive into town and then I had to follow them around for all the shopping. I didn’t want to waste the gas to do that. But for my mom to drive off simply because she was upset over a look my dad gave her or because she upset (when she had no right to be) was just rude and that pissed me off the most.

I gain my composure and get in my car to drive now me and my dad to church. We get there and go in to start setting up Sunday School stuff, me for the class I’m teaching and him the attendance sheets for every class. Well mom had apparently gotten someone to unlock the doors and she did already and was now working on setting up her own Sunday School class. All of this while pretty much ignoring us. I just let it go and went and set up my computer so I wouldn’t go off on my mom cause she was acting stupid.

After she takes her time setting up and telling us multiple times to just go to the service and we don’t she just sits there finding things to do to make the situation a little more awkward. Finally at about 8:15 she can’t find anything else and is like okay lets go. She then gets into a little spat with my dad over the door wasn’t fully unlocked so I just decide screw it I’m just gonna sit in my class. I knew if I stayed with her in the mood she is in I was gonna lose my shit.

So I’m about to just sit and chill when I realize that I forgot to check to see if my acolytes were in the service. I decide to go check on that right quick and walk outside and there are my parents fighting in the parking lot. They walk over and my mom tries to apologize for her actions that morning but is going about it the wrong way and I just storm off cause I just really don’t want to cry. I do what I needed to do and get back to my classroom and just break down.

I just needed to write this all out to try and see if maybe doing so would help me calm down and be okay for when the kids get in here and I don’t look like a mess but it didn’t work. I may just try to pull it off as allergies though which wouldn’t be a stretch.

Anyway, probably should go now. Class is supposed to start in about 5 minutes and can’t really let my kids see this post. Thanks for reading those that do.

I just went outside in a tank top and PJ shorts

Yes it is definitely feeling like a winter wonderland outside. What with all the sunshine and 70 degree weather. Seriously though, mother nature needs to get it’s act together. Maybe that’s why I’m having a hard time with Christmas this year. It doesn’t feel like it so therefore it can’t be coming up within just a couple of weeks.

When I was younger I used to be the one pushing to get the decorations and the tree up as soon as we were done with Thanksgiving dinner. If it wasn’t up right away I threw hissy fits and was a general pain in the ass till they were up. Now that I’m older though, I still want to get the decorations up but it doesn’t mean that much to me anymore. It’s just a day where we have to put shit up so neighbors and possible visitors don’t think we’re all Scrooge’s. I listen to the Christmas songs and sing along but I don’t belt them out like I used to. The movies now a days are just pathetic mostly because they are all Hallmark feel good movies. Seriously the plot to every one of them is: chick has problem, chick finds man that can help with problem but doesn’t want his help, man helps anyway, they fall in love, they get married. The end. Why can’t they have realistic endings sometimes?

I wanna say it was last year that ruined it all for me. I had to work Christmas Day. My family all was celebrating at the house and I was freaking working. My dad was nice enough to bring me some of the waffles he made for everyone but it didn’t help. All I wanted to do was cry cause they were all doing fun family things and didn’t take into consideration how I wished I could be there with them.

This year I know I’ll have off cause I’m at a different job where I actually get the holidays off which is great and all but I’m still not looking forward to it. Christmas just doesn’t mean as much to me anymore as it used to. I wish I could get the spirit back and be all happy and excited but I can’t. It’s gone.

I know I’ve been a slight Debbie Downer in these past couple of posts but that’s what this time of year does to me. I just get a little sadder and depressed. After New Year’s though I usually perk up cause my birthday is around the corner but this year I realized that I’ll be turning 26. Which isn’t bad I know, I’m still in my 20’s but that’s 2 years till my 10 year high school reunion, and 4 years till I’m 30. I cried when I turned 20. Who knows what I’ll do when I turn 30. Probably just get drunk and pretend it’s not happening. That seems to be a good answer when I’m not feeling up to handling the more adult like things in life.

Anyway, thanks for those that read these things. I know I don’t have very many readers but all 4 of you are great for sticking it out. Make sure  you keep an eye out to see what happens next in the story of a girl named Liz.

If only, if only….

You ever just want to run away? And I’m not talking about like for a couple days or a weekend. I’m talking like legit run and don’t look back. Tell no one where you’re going and just leave kind of thing.

I’ve been considering that lately. I need out of this house and where I’m at right now. I feel myself falling backwards into the hole I was in for a year. The deep darkness where my thoughts ran the show and if I was left alone long enough they got the best of me.

You’d probably say “Well reach out and don’t be alone. Easy as that.” and you’d be wrong. Sure it’s easy to send a text or make a phone call but for those that really know me know I don’t like discussing myself and my problems. I don’t like admitting that I need help. So what do I do?? I shut down. I don’t text or call. I become super hermit and keep to myself. It’s not against any person in general, I just want to try and clear my head and stop being such a debbie downer before I try talking to anyone again.

See the problem is I like to be the happy friend. The one everyone goes to for their problems and I offer up my help and a joke to try to make them feel better. How can I be that person if I myself am just down and hate the world. I don’t want my negativity to impact others so I shut down and keep to myself until I snap out of it.

The problem is then I end up being rude and everything to the friends around me. Now granted I really don’t have but a handful and only one or two text me regularly and actually care. I think that’s the other downer is that I care for so many people but when it comes down to it, how many actually give two shits about me?

I’m just not in a good place. Today on my way home I prayed for a deer to jump out in front of my car and that I’d have to swerve to miss and crash into a ditch and that I’d die. No one should ever pray or wish for that. But yet that’s where I’m at. And I hate myself for letting myself get to this point again. I think what really makes me mad about it is I don’t even know what brought it on. I was just chilling one day and then the next I’m screaming fuck the world and wishing for car crashes.

Anyway, sorry for the depressing post this week but it’s where I’m at and you deserve to hear the truth about my thoughts. I said from the beginning I wouldn’t hold back and this is just another aspect of me. I’m usually fun and awesome but every story has it’s sucky not so fun parts.

Thanks for reading.

Keep a lookout for my next post so you can keep up with the story of a girl named Liz.

I’m losing my faith in….

Woah! Two new posts in one week??

Don’t get used to it. Today was just a little rough and I need to vent.

I think I mentioned in my last post that today was when my family was celebrating Thanksgiving. I spent 3 hours this morning cleaning, doing up the turkey and stuffing, then making 3 pies. My brothers get here and they all sit in their chairs, drink their beer, and begin cracking jokes on me.

Now usually I can take it. I normally don’t mind but after spending so long on everything this morning and they all just come in expecting it to be done and ready for them to eat, I really wanted to punch them. They can be such dicks sometimes. I know they don’t mean it all the time but of all the times, today was not the day for me to be able to take it.

It got better after I just went and took a quick nap. Maybe I was just tired and needed the nap. Either way after that the food was finally done so we ate, played games, ate pie, played some more games and lots of fun was had.

That was the only downer to the day but also I’ve been thinking. (I know not that great of a thing for me to do during the holidays)

Here’s why though, the dick head that screwed me up last year that I finally moved past sent me a video on snapchat last night. It was of him and his new girlfriend again (I guess) smiling and being all happy. I don’t really care about it but I want to shout “I haven’t texted you, called you, or done anything to contact you in forever. What makes you think I want to see a random video of you and her being all happy?” I responded with a good for you. I shouldn’t have responded at all but too late.

It just bugs me I guess that he thinks I want to know how they are doing. I could not care any less about them. It’s great that he’s happy. He deserves happiness but don’t remind me that you were a dick again by shoving her in my face.

I’m rambling about it I know but it seriously just pissed me off. I’m not over here sending him pictures of me and another dude cause that would be weird. (Also I don’t have another guy to take pictures with for me to do that but that’s beside the point.)

Moral of the story today is that my brothers are dicks in the most inconvenient times and that dick head is still a dick. All of this doesn’t give me very much faith in the men of this world. I think I’ll just count on focusing on myself for awhile, until a guy out there can reaffirm my faith in the men of this time. Or maybe I’ll just marry an old rich guy so I can get his money when he dies in the next few years. (Not really, I couldn’t do that. It was be just really weird and awkward.)

Guess I’ll end it there for today. Thanks for those that actually read these rants of randomness. Come back later to see whatever random shenanigans happen in the story of a girl named Liz.

My kinda date and my non-Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Across the country (and globe for those Americans celebrating in other countries),  everyone probably sat down with their family at some point today and ate maybe a little turkey, or meat of their preference, and just “enjoyed” the holiday. Not me. My family spent the day cleaning and prepping for our celebration of the day on Saturday. I know you’re probably like “why are you celebrating then and not today?” Well my whole family but one brother works and it being on the actual day we would have only gotten maybe 2 hours together. But if we have it Saturday we get a whole day, so yeah, we changed the date for us.

Anywho, I’m losing my train of thought. The point of that little explanation is to talk about my first Thanksgiving day that I did not celebrate on the actual day.

It was awkward at first because I didn’t get up and go straight to massaging a turkey and shoving crap up its butt. Yet I was strangely okay with that though. I was able to just get up and relax….for 5 minutes. Then we had to start with the cleaning cause this house is a mess. We still had the Macy’s Parade going on in the background. It did piss me off when my mom asked if we could watch something else cause she didn’t want to watch it since it didn’t feel like a real Thanksgiving to her. I wanted to be like it doesn’t feel like it for any of us but that doesn’t mean we just don’t watch it. We may not celebrate it on the day each year from now on but that parade is always watched no matter what.

I know it’s not a big deal but also my mom wants things done her way and if she’s not happy she wants to make things awkward or whatever for everyone. Seriously if she doesn’t have the remote and isn’t in control of what we’re watching, she pouts. Like after we said we were keeping it on the parade she went to the office and pouted. She literally said “well you guys wanted to watch the parade so I can’t clean till that’s over or we can change it.” I love my mom, I really do but she can be so challenging sometimes.

Anyway, after we cleaned for a bit it was time to start with the Christmas decorations. Now I’m a big supporter of waiting till after Thanksgiving to put up any sort of decoration but since we’re going out and doing some shopping tomorrow and I had the time today, I went ahead and did it. It took forever but that beast is finally up. And my cats have already started to try and climb and tear up this one. We now have a squirt bottle next to it so hopefully if we see them near it we can just squirt them with water and they will eventually get the hint to leave it alone.

Other than the cleaning and decorating my day was rather boring. I took a nap we had some ham and gut grenades for dinner. I then proceeded to be in pain because my non-existent gall bladder didn’t like the gut grenades. So looks like I can’t have those anymore either…I just can’t have anything good anymore.

Now though it’s time for the Packers vs. Bears game. Hopefully the Packers are able to pull out a win. It’s bad enough we suffered a loss to the Lions a couple weeks ago, we don’t need to lose to the Bears on Thanksgiving.

Now in other news that is not related to Thanksgiving. I went on a kinda date last night. It was a guy I had talked to before and we chat here and there but he lives off in Virginia now so it’s very rare. But he texts me Monday saying he’s in town and wants to meet up. Now the reason I stopped talking to him before were kinda foggy to me so I of course had to ask my parents and friends. My parents said it was cause I thought he was stalker like and my friend said it was cause he was so pushy with sexual stuff.

Well last night we meet up and I seriously hated myself for letting him go. I think I was making excuses not to date anyone back then cause he was really nice and everything. Yes he talked a little loud and he was a little pushy but it wasn’t awkward. It was…I don’t know. I just liked hanging out with him. It was comfy I guess. I really didn’t want to leave at the end of the night. I have to remind myself that he lives far away now and nothing can really happen. So I enjoyed the night. It was nice to feel wanted for a night.

I know my last post was about me making a break through on not needing guys approval and all but sometimes it’s still nice to have. I don’t need it but it was just a nice feeling.

I feel like I’m just rambling now so I’ll end this weeks post here. I hope everyone had a great and filling Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to check back later to see what’s next in the story of a girl named Liz.

I was being a love sick dumb ass…I’m sorry.

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. That was my bad. Life kind of got in the way there for a bit.

Well that’s not true. I let a guy get in the way of me living.


Okay. There was this guy I started talking to maybe beginning about 3-ish years ago. Nothing ever really became of me and him except a random hook up here and there. That’s all. Fast-forward to January 2014, me and him are hanging out doing stuff. He then proceeds to talk about hanging out (like actually hanging out) and all. A week later, I hadn’t heard from him. I call, says number is disconnected. Look on all social media sites, he isn’t there. He freaking blocked me after saying he wanted to do more stuff together.

I was pretty torn up over it cause, like your typical girl after a few hookups, I kinda started falling for the guy. I had already been battling some depression type stuff and that was the nail in the coffin. That’s what kick started my few months of severe depression. Not that I would ever tell him that he was the cause but he really was.

It took me until January 2015 to realize that. I let my happiness depend on him. Or more like him accepting me and wanting me even though he never really did. I was just a piece of ass to him but I was always hopeful that maybe one day that he would see me as more than that. When he shut me out the way he did, which was a dick and coward move on his part, I thought that my life wasn’t worth it cause the guy I wanted didn’t want anything to do with me. But thankfully I realized that my happiness isn’t defined by a guy liking me or wanting to be with me. It’s me being happy with myself and being by myself. If I don’t want to spend time with me why would I expect anyone else to hangout with me? (Yes your typical “I’m worth it and awesome” moment….I know, I’m such a conformist)

Anyway, super fast forward to beginning of November. I was on Tinder doing my usual judging of guys (that’s all it really is no matter what anyone says) and he pops up. I was shocked and swiped right for shiggles. A few minutes later I get a notification that we matched. Again, I was shocked. Even more so when he messaged me. I wanted to scream at him. Be like “You piece of shit. You made my life living hell for a year cause your dumb ass couldn’t just say sorry I’m not into you.” But I refrained. I was very civil. I asked why he did what he did and he gave me his excuse and I was quick to forgive him. Like a dumb ass.

This is where I should’ve proceeded with more caution. I thought maybe the fact he was on Tinder he’s willing to actually try something and he might give me a shot! There when all the hard self motivation crap I’d been working on since January of this year. I was letting him run my life again. I was staying up late hoping he’d call. I do gotta give myself props cause I did make him make most of the effort to talk rather than me make any first moves.

Well during one of those late night conversations he tells me of his ex-girlfriend. (Who am I kidding? He talked about her every freaking time.) How he wants to get back with her and prove that he can change and all that other stuff, (the typical stuff guys say when they realized they fucked up). And I actually got upset. Like I was in tears because I again couldn’t believe he came back into my life to fuck with me again. He was doing all this stuff to move on but he still wanted her.

A couple days passed, I posted some snapchats that were depressing and I could just feel myself getting down again. I then see one he posted of him kissing her cheek and I felt nothing. I wasn’t sad that it wasn’t me. I legit felt nothing. I finally flipped that stupid switch and was able to let him go. (cue Frozen song here).


I feel free and amazing! I don’t know what exactly caused it but I’m so happy it did. It’s the best feeling knowing I’ve made that progress to make it where a guy doesn’t rule my happiness. I’m in charge of it. ME. No one else.

Anyway, so I deleted his number, unmatched him on Tinder, unfollowed him on snapchat, and did everything to get rid of him and not even be tempted to call, text or contact him. I don’t need him or negativity in my life.

Sure yes I’m still single but I’d rather be single and happy with myself rather than pining over a guy that will never want me and just keeps me there for convenience to have someone to talk to when he’s bored.


Thus ends story time!

Ok, so I promise not to go so long without posting again. I really did miss it while I was off being a dumb ass. You never really realize how awesome it is to just write things out even if no one ever reads it. At least it’s still out there and not just pent up in your mind.

Well thanks for anyone that reads this!

Tune in soon (I promise!!) to see what happens next in the story of a girl named Liz.

Hello everyone! I need to rant for a second if you don’t mind.

If you are messaging me after 10 PM at night and I stop responding. Don’t get all upset and say “Guess you don’t wanna talk.” No I did wanna talk but my body was just super tired and fell asleep on you. I’ll message ya back in the morning when I wake up to say sorry. Even though I shouldn’t really have to say sorry because most normal people go to sleep before 10 on a weeknight anyway.

The story behind this one was last night I was messaging a guy I hadn’t talk to in a while. He’s insecure anyway so I should have known better but hey, I was kinda hoping he’d grown up a tad since I last talked to him. Anyway, it was after 10. I had just taken some medicine that could make me sleepy and it started kicking in. I had every intention of telling him I was about to pass out but that’s the thing with sleep sometimes, it just hits you and you’re out. So I wake up this morning and see a message literally saying “Guess you don’t wanna talk.” I don’t know why this pissed me off but it did. The guy doesn’t even have the niceness to message “Guess you might have passed out. Text me in the morning if you want.” Had he sent that I would be fine and probably not even making this post right now but he went the pansy route so here I am.

So after reading that and trying to figure out whether to be nice back or just straight up rude in my response, I decided to go somewhere in the middle. I said, “I do wanna talk but we were talking late at night. I’m used to going to bed by 10 cause I get up early for work. I’m gonna fall asleep here and there on ya. Doesn’t mean anything other than I’m tired. Don’t read into anything and make stuff up that isn’t true.” Okay so maybe that was more on the nice side but still, I don’t think it’s okay for him to go immediately all pity party mode on me after we’ve been talking for one day.

Okay, that’s the end of the rant. So normally I don’t post during the day mostly because I’m at work and can’t really post much when I’m watching five kids crawl around getting into everything and such. But I’m home today because I had a dizzy spell at work yesterday. Just hit me randomly cause the room started spinning and I felt like I was gonna vomit over all the kids. Anyway, they wouldn’t let me drive home so my mom came and got me. Took me to the doctor who said I had a bout of vertigo and that my sinus infection was probably the cause. This all means I’m on a medicine to keep me from getting dizzy and something to clear up my sinuses to try to ensure I don’t get dizzy again. I think I just got to hot and hadn’t had enough to eat cause that’s happened to be before and that was the cause then. But what do I know about myself? Doctors can tell me more about me than I can about me.

Whoops, I’m getting ranty again. Let me stop. Probably should end the blog here for today. Took the medicine again cause I was feeling dizzy a little bit ago and I think it’s kicking in. Hopefully next time I post I’ll be in happier healthier spirits.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check back in a couple of days to see what’s next in the Story of a girl named Liz.

Going to a party and acting my age for a changed

After a week of working I think I finally have something to write about. I know I wanted to write more but I also want to write good content. Not just one or two paragraphs of nonsense. I don’t think I’ve had any readers yet so I’m pretty much just doing this as a glorified diary right now.

Anyway, so my week. It was good. The highlight of course we Friday when I went to The Haunt at Three Caves. Now growing up I didn’t really get to do anything Halloween related. Mostly because my mom thought of it as the devil’s birthday and celebrating it was very un-christian. When I went to college however I got into it a little. I didn’t go crazy. I did get a couple costumes. I went to a party here and there. Since moving back home though in 2013 I haven’t done anything. Again because of my mom and her beliefs that she likes to shove down my throat constantly. This year though I’m trying to get more. Do things that make me feel like I’m actually 25. This is where this party comes in.

Let me just say that if you are from the Huntsville, AL area and you haven’t heard or gone to The Haunt at Three Caves, you are severely missing out. Overall it’s pretty much just a big concert in a cave but when you get there it just feels like so much more. The band was awesome. The drinks were amazing, although having some liquor there would have been cool but still it was great. And then just the atmosphere. I was surprised by how well everyone there acted towards each other. I don’t know why I was expecting tons of drunk rude people with some fights breaking out but that was not the case. I was standing near the bathrooms waiting on my friend who was in line and a guy walked up and just started chatting. On the dance floor when the big dance songs were playing everyone dance together. Meaning that we were dancing WITH people I didn’t know and it was fun. The best part was when I was dancing with my friend and this guy dressed as Wayne from Wayne’s world popped up and started dancing around us. I was pulling out my phone to get a picture of him (cause his costume was awesome) and he just stepped and started dancing with me. I’m pretty sure the look on my face was priceless cause I was severely confused on why he wanted to dance with me when there were plenty of other way cuter and hotter girls around. Overall though the event was just fantastic and I needed it. After everything going wrong in my life, I needed a night of just straight up fun and acting my age.

Now not to get down after posting so much happy stuff above but I need to talk about my downs in life too. With this being a glorified diary I would now talk about my relationships. Or right now it being the lack there of. In my life I have my parents, my three brothers, my two really good friends, some regular friends (you know the kinds you hangout with here and there but you are super duper close to them) and that’s pretty much it. As far as romantic relationships go, it’s pretty non-existent. I of course have the dating website profiles and I’ve talked to guys here and there but nothing ever happens from it.

Well that’s enough sad part. Gotta keep things happy and upbeat here. I’ll try to get to post more this upcoming week and hopefully I’ll find out what I really want to make of this blog. I don’t want it to stay a glorified diary. That’s just boring. So if anyone reads this and has some ideas, feel free to post them.

Thanks for reading and be sure to look for my next post to see what happens next in the story of a girl named Liz.