One day I’ll learn…maybe…that my happiness is NOT based on how others feel about me. Specifically the feelings of the male population. I swear every freaking time I like a guy it’s like I throw all my feelings and all at him and just say “Here ya go. Feel free to go ahead and do what you want with it.” I so dumb.

So I think I said in my post yesterday that I went on that date last week and that I thought it went super awesome. Well, dude man is still talking to me but it feels different. I don’t know how and maybe I’m reading too much into it. On my end, I’m trying to rein myself in and not text him at all times of the day. But when he messages back, it just seems different almost forced in a way.

Maybe I’m just being a girl and overthinking and all that crappy stuff. I’m just tired of good things not working out. I went into this date not expecting it to go well to get myself ready for when he stops talking to me but then it just had to be awesome.

Tell me universe, why do you hate me? What did I do to piss you off?


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