I usually don’t post on a Sunday morning because I’m usually in church. This morning however I’m sitting in my Sunday School classroom waiting till church is over to teach a class so that I can then leave. It’s been just rough and emotional and I don’t know why.

It started out with the fact I could not sleep last night I literally tossed and turned for 3 hours just trying to get a little shut eye but it never really came. Finally around 1:30 AM I was able to drift for a little while before I had to be back up at 6 to get ready for church. My alarm went off and my head felt like I just got ran over and my sinuses were pissed at me for some stupid reason. Regardless, I got up and started getting ready.

At 7, I walked outside to see my dad scraping off my car which was weird cause I told last night I was going to hangout with Kayla today but not till after all the shopping was done and we got home so I could get my car then. So I ask him what he was doing and he says he thought we were taking 2 cars to church today. I corrected him and continued on to my mom’s car to get in the back seat. I open the door and my mom again asks what I was doing and that she thought we were taking 2 cars. So instead of fighting it at that point, I just shut the door and went to put my crap in my car and then go get my keys.

I come back outside and my mom is driving off and my dad is still standing in the driveway. Yes at this point I was frustrated. It was an inconvenience for me to drive into town and then I had to follow them around for all the shopping. I didn’t want to waste the gas to do that. But for my mom to drive off simply because she was upset over a look my dad gave her or because she upset (when she had no right to be) was just rude and that pissed me off the most.

I gain my composure and get in my car to drive now me and my dad to church. We get there and go in to start setting up Sunday School stuff, me for the class I’m teaching and him the attendance sheets for every class. Well mom had apparently gotten someone to unlock the doors and she did already and was now working on setting up her own Sunday School class. All of this while pretty much ignoring us. I just let it go and went and set up my computer so I wouldn’t go off on my mom cause she was acting stupid.

After she takes her time setting up and telling us multiple times to just go to the service and we don’t she just sits there finding things to do to make the situation a little more awkward. Finally at about 8:15 she can’t find anything else and is like okay lets go. She then gets into a little spat with my dad over the door wasn’t fully unlocked so I just decide screw it I’m just gonna sit in my class. I knew if I stayed with her in the mood she is in I was gonna lose my shit.

So I’m about to just sit and chill when I realize that I forgot to check to see if my acolytes were in the service. I decide to go check on that right quick and walk outside and there are my parents fighting in the parking lot. They walk over and my mom tries to apologize for her actions that morning but is going about it the wrong way and I just storm off cause I just really don’t want to cry. I do what I needed to do and get back to my classroom and just break down.

I just needed to write this all out to try and see if maybe doing so would help me calm down and be okay for when the kids get in here and I don’t look like a mess but it didn’t work. I may just try to pull it off as allergies though which wouldn’t be a stretch.

Anyway, probably should go now. Class is supposed to start in about 5 minutes and can’t really let my kids see this post. Thanks for reading those that do.


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