Woah! Two new posts in one week??

Don’t get used to it. Today was just a little rough and I need to vent.

I think I mentioned in my last post that today was when my family was celebrating Thanksgiving. I spent 3 hours this morning cleaning, doing up the turkey and stuffing, then making 3 pies. My brothers get here and they all sit in their chairs, drink their beer, and begin cracking jokes on me.

Now usually I can take it. I normally don’t mind but after spending so long on everything this morning and they all just come in expecting it to be done and ready for them to eat, I really wanted to punch them. They can be such dicks sometimes. I know they don’t mean it all the time but of all the times, today was not the day for me to be able to take it.

It got better after I just went and took a quick nap. Maybe I was just tired and needed the nap. Either way after that the food was finally done so we ate, played games, ate pie, played some more games and lots of fun was had.

That was the only downer to the day but also I’ve been thinking. (I know not that great of a thing for me to do during the holidays)

Here’s why though, the dick head that screwed me up last year that I finally moved past sent me a video on snapchat last night. It was of him and his new girlfriend again (I guess) smiling and being all happy. I don’t really care about it but I want to shout “I haven’t texted you, called you, or done anything to contact you in forever. What makes you think I want to see a random video of you and her being all happy?” I responded with a good for you. I shouldn’t have responded at all but too late.

It just bugs me I guess that he thinks I want to know how they are doing. I could not care any less about them. It’s great that he’s happy. He deserves happiness but don’t remind me that you were a dick again by shoving her in my face.

I’m rambling about it I know but it seriously just pissed me off. I’m not over here sending him pictures of me and another dude cause that would be weird. (Also I don’t have another guy to take pictures with for me to do that but that’s beside the point.)

Moral of the story today is that my brothers are dicks in the most inconvenient times and that dick head is still a dick. All of this doesn’t give me very much faith in the men of this world. I think I’ll just count on focusing on myself for awhile, until a guy out there can reaffirm my faith in the men of this time. Or maybe I’ll just marry an old rich guy so I can get his money when he dies in the next few years. (Not really, I couldn’t do that. It was be just really weird and awkward.)

Guess I’ll end it there for today. Thanks for those that actually read these rants of randomness. Come back later to see whatever random shenanigans happen in the story of a girl named Liz.


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