Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Across the country (and globe for those Americans celebrating in other countries),  everyone probably sat down with their family at some point today and ate maybe a little turkey, or meat of their preference, and just “enjoyed” the holiday. Not me. My family spent the day cleaning and prepping for our celebration of the day on Saturday. I know you’re probably like “why are you celebrating then and not today?” Well my whole family but one brother works and it being on the actual day we would have only gotten maybe 2 hours together. But if we have it Saturday we get a whole day, so yeah, we changed the date for us.

Anywho, I’m losing my train of thought. The point of that little explanation is to talk about my first Thanksgiving day that I did not celebrate on the actual day.

It was awkward at first because I didn’t get up and go straight to massaging a turkey and shoving crap up its butt. Yet I was strangely okay with that though. I was able to just get up and relax….for 5 minutes. Then we had to start with the cleaning cause this house is a mess. We still had the Macy’s Parade going on in the background. It did piss me off when my mom asked if we could watch something else cause she didn’t want to watch it since it didn’t feel like a real Thanksgiving to her. I wanted to be like it doesn’t feel like it for any of us but that doesn’t mean we just don’t watch it. We may not celebrate it on the day each year from now on but that parade is always watched no matter what.

I know it’s not a big deal but also my mom wants things done her way and if she’s not happy she wants to make things awkward or whatever for everyone. Seriously if she doesn’t have the remote and isn’t in control of what we’re watching, she pouts. Like after we said we were keeping it on the parade she went to the office and pouted. She literally said “well you guys wanted to watch the parade so I can’t clean till that’s over or we can change it.” I love my mom, I really do but she can be so challenging sometimes.

Anyway, after we cleaned for a bit it was time to start with the Christmas decorations. Now I’m a big supporter of waiting till after Thanksgiving to put up any sort of decoration but since we’re going out and doing some shopping tomorrow and I had the time today, I went ahead and did it. It took forever but that beast is finally up. And my cats have already started to try and climb and tear up this one. We now have a squirt bottle next to it so hopefully if we see them near it we can just squirt them with water and they will eventually get the hint to leave it alone.

Other than the cleaning and decorating my day was rather boring. I took a nap we had some ham and gut grenades for dinner. I then proceeded to be in pain because my non-existent gall bladder didn’t like the gut grenades. So looks like I can’t have those anymore either…I just can’t have anything good anymore.

Now though it’s time for the Packers vs. Bears game. Hopefully the Packers are able to pull out a win. It’s bad enough we suffered a loss to the Lions a couple weeks ago, we don’t need to lose to the Bears on Thanksgiving.

Now in other news that is not related to Thanksgiving. I went on a kinda date last night. It was a guy I had talked to before and we chat here and there but he lives off in Virginia now so it’s very rare. But he texts me Monday saying he’s in town and wants to meet up. Now the reason I stopped talking to him before were kinda foggy to me so I of course had to ask my parents and friends. My parents said it was cause I thought he was stalker like and my friend said it was cause he was so pushy with sexual stuff.

Well last night we meet up and I seriously hated myself for letting him go. I think I was making excuses not to date anyone back then cause he was really nice and everything. Yes he talked a little loud and he was a little pushy but it wasn’t awkward. It was…I don’t know. I just liked hanging out with him. It was comfy I guess. I really didn’t want to leave at the end of the night. I have to remind myself that he lives far away now and nothing can really happen. So I enjoyed the night. It was nice to feel wanted for a night.

I know my last post was about me making a break through on not needing guys approval and all but sometimes it’s still nice to have. I don’t need it but it was just a nice feeling.

I feel like I’m just rambling now so I’ll end this weeks post here. I hope everyone had a great and filling Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to check back later to see what’s next in the story of a girl named Liz.


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