Hello everyone! I need to rant for a second if you don’t mind.

If you are messaging me after 10 PM at night and I stop responding. Don’t get all upset and say “Guess you don’t wanna talk.” No I did wanna talk but my body was just super tired and fell asleep on you. I’ll message ya back in the morning when I wake up to say sorry. Even though I shouldn’t really have to say sorry because most normal people go to sleep before 10 on a weeknight anyway.

The story behind this one was last night I was messaging a guy I hadn’t talk to in a while. He’s insecure anyway so I should have known better but hey, I was kinda hoping he’d grown up a tad since I last talked to him. Anyway, it was after 10. I had just taken some medicine that could make me sleepy and it started kicking in. I had every intention of telling him I was about to pass out but that’s the thing with sleep sometimes, it just hits you and you’re out. So I wake up this morning and see a message literally saying “Guess you don’t wanna talk.” I don’t know why this pissed me off but it did. The guy doesn’t even have the niceness to message “Guess you might have passed out. Text me in the morning if you want.” Had he sent that I would be fine and probably not even making this post right now but he went the pansy route so here I am.

So after reading that and trying to figure out whether to be nice back or just straight up rude in my response, I decided to go somewhere in the middle. I said, “I do wanna talk but we were talking late at night. I’m used to going to bed by 10 cause I get up early for work. I’m gonna fall asleep here and there on ya. Doesn’t mean anything other than I’m tired. Don’t read into anything and make stuff up that isn’t true.” Okay so maybe that was more on the nice side but still, I don’t think it’s okay for him to go immediately all pity party mode on me after we’ve been talking for one day.

Okay, that’s the end of the rant. So normally I don’t post during the day mostly because I’m at work and can’t really post much when I’m watching five kids crawl around getting into everything and such. But I’m home today because I had a dizzy spell at work yesterday. Just hit me randomly cause the room started spinning and I felt like I was gonna vomit over all the kids. Anyway, they wouldn’t let me drive home so my mom came and got me. Took me to the doctor who said I had a bout of vertigo and that my sinus infection was probably the cause. This all means I’m on a medicine to keep me from getting dizzy and something to clear up my sinuses to try to ensure I don’t get dizzy again. I think I just got to hot and hadn’t had enough to eat cause that’s happened to be before and that was the cause then. But what do I know about myself? Doctors can tell me more about me than I can about me.

Whoops, I’m getting ranty again. Let me stop. Probably should end the blog here for today. Took the medicine again cause I was feeling dizzy a little bit ago and I think it’s kicking in. Hopefully next time I post I’ll be in happier healthier spirits.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check back in a couple of days to see what’s next in the Story of a girl named Liz.


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