After a week of working I think I finally have something to write about. I know I wanted to write more but I also want to write good content. Not just one or two paragraphs of nonsense. I don’t think I’ve had any readers yet so I’m pretty much just doing this as a glorified diary right now.

Anyway, so my week. It was good. The highlight of course we Friday when I went to The Haunt at Three Caves. Now growing up I didn’t really get to do anything Halloween related. Mostly because my mom thought of it as the devil’s birthday and celebrating it was very un-christian. When I went to college however I got into it a little. I didn’t go crazy. I did get a couple costumes. I went to a party here and there. Since moving back home though in 2013 I haven’t done anything. Again because of my mom and her beliefs that she likes to shove down my throat constantly. This year though I’m trying to get more. Do things that make me feel like I’m actually 25. This is where this party comes in.

Let me just say that if you are from the Huntsville, AL area and you haven’t heard or gone to The Haunt at Three Caves, you are severely missing out. Overall it’s pretty much just a big concert in a cave but when you get there it just feels like so much more. The band was awesome. The drinks were amazing, although having some liquor there would have been cool but still it was great. And then just the atmosphere. I was surprised by how well everyone there acted towards each other. I don’t know why I was expecting tons of drunk rude people with some fights breaking out but that was not the case. I was standing near the bathrooms waiting on my friend who was in line and a guy walked up and just started chatting. On the dance floor when the big dance songs were playing everyone dance together. Meaning that we were dancing WITH people I didn’t know and it was fun. The best part was when I was dancing with my friend and this guy dressed as Wayne from Wayne’s world popped up and started dancing around us. I was pulling out my phone to get a picture of him (cause his costume was awesome) and he just stepped and started dancing with me. I’m pretty sure the look on my face was priceless cause I was severely confused on why he wanted to dance with me when there were plenty of other way cuter and hotter girls around. Overall though the event was just fantastic and I needed it. After everything going wrong in my life, I needed a night of just straight up fun and acting my age.

Now not to get down after posting so much happy stuff above but I need to talk about my downs in life too. With this being a glorified diary I would now talk about my relationships. Or right now it being the lack there of. In my life I have my parents, my three brothers, my two really good friends, some regular friends (you know the kinds you hangout with here and there but you are super duper close to them) and that’s pretty much it. As far as romantic relationships go, it’s pretty non-existent. I of course have the dating website profiles and I’ve talked to guys here and there but nothing ever happens from it.

Well that’s enough sad part. Gotta keep things happy and upbeat here. I’ll try to get to post more this upcoming week and hopefully I’ll find out what I really want to make of this blog. I don’t want it to stay a glorified diary. That’s just boring. So if anyone reads this and has some ideas, feel free to post them.

Thanks for reading and be sure to look for my next post to see what happens next in the story of a girl named Liz.


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