Well hello there to all one of you that will probably read this. This is me attempting to blog again. I’m more hesitant this time though to post ALL my feelings on to here though because of my past blog that has now gone down in flames. I tried using it as an outlet. To get my feelings down somewhere. And if that helped others, great, if it helped me just feel better about my day, even better. But then a coworker found it and read it. And of course didn’t get their mouth shut about it.

A little background on the situation. I used to/kinda sometimes still suffer from depression. I go through moments where I’m great and some where I’m not. Last year though was one big rough year. March was the toughest and then August was almost as rough. August was when my first blog was discovered and my job at the time thought I was being too morbid and needed to be evaluated again. I thought I was doing good. I was seeking help, on all the meds I was prescribed, and the blog was a good source to vent. It wasn’t meant for the hierarchy of those dicks to read and judge me on it. Needless to say though after something happened again in January of this year, I quit. I am free from the oppression of that company and work in a place that is way better suited for me. A daycare.

Now some about me. I’m a 25 year single white fat female. I have no guys vying for my attention but I have two really close friends that keep me somewhat sane.

So why would working at a daycare be good for me? Cause I am with the babies. And these babies are cute (most of the time). There is just something about watching them grow from only being able to lay down to sitting on their own. From sitting to crawling. From crawling to walking and getting into everything. It is very rewarding and that’s the kind of job I need. Not one that strives on making you feel worse about yourself to try to push you to do better. I’m not going to throw that company under the bus cause that would be rude. And to be honest, my head manager was awesome. She was nothing but kind to me and wanted the best for me. But everyone has the switch inside them to let them know when what they are doing isn’t really what they are supposed to be doing. And that switch was on since March of last year and it sadly took me almost a whole year to realize it.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. Now on to what you can expect from this new and improved blog. I want this to be a general no holding back place where I can share the good and the bad of my day-to-day life. I need to 100% somewhere and why not on the internet where anyone who actually reads this can hold me accountable for what I say.

With that being said. Welcome to my blog. It’s gonna be boring but I will also have some awesome moments as well.

Stick around to see what happens in the story of a girl named Liz.


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